Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University

Laboratory for Application of Cybernetics (Harada-Komine-Miyata Laboratory)

Application to Robots Application to Health care, Medical Solutions, and Mobility Application to Human-friendly Product Design
Our goal is to realize practical assistive robots and technologies. For such purpose, we are developing (1) android robots for communication support, (2) technologies for implementing assistive robots (sensing etc.), and (3) methods for evaluating assistive robots. The main research focus is physiology, device development for physiological evaluations. Emphasis is also placed on the interaction system among vehicle, home, and medical institution. Our research outcomes contribute to health care management, medical solutions, and the mobility using vehicle. Comuputational human model can help engineers to design human-friendly product effectively by virtually using a product's CAD model and assessing its usability. Our studies are on how to build the model, how to make it move, and how to assess products by such human models.